Friday, January 14, 2011

snow, botched plans, and a closet re-do

my plans for last week did not go quite as expected.
i was going to start working on the boys' rooms and bathroom.

and then this happened. . .

we live in south carolina. which means that this kind of snowfall
shuts us down. the snow fell on a monday which meant no school.
it also meant no school for. . . tuesday. or wednesday. and late starts
on thursday and friday. no, it did not continue to snow on those days but it was
cold and there was ice. and apparently the powers that be are
afraid to allow south carolinians to drive on icy roads.
apparently there is good reason for that.

what this meant is that my plans for the boys' space was put on hold.

next week i'll take you on a tour of their awkward space but for today you get to see
my new and improved closet.

i had no plans to re-do my closet at this time but it was an easy project to 
tackle while the boys were at home.

can you say blah! our twin closets. pastor j's on the left, mine on the right.
have i ever mentioned that when we bought this house
all the walls were a fleshy color with pink undertones. like the underbelly
of a pig. not the prettiest color i've ever seen.
our bedroom is still this color. it's on the makeover list for this year.

because i tackled my closet makeover on a whim i didn't get
a before picture. i know, blogger fail.

but, i have the next best thing. pastor j's closet. which pretty much mirrors mine.

except his is neater than my before was. please note the light. every closet in this house
lacks a fixture. is this normal? i'm on a mission to change this.

here's my after.

the lighting is horrible. sorry about that. i painted the top blue hubbard
 (had it on hand from our bathroom and den) and the bottom
white (also on hand).

i put some floral craft paper on the backs of the cubbies 
using spray adhesive. chances are i'll
change this out when i find a paper i like better but
this will do just fine for now.

i started collecting velvet covered hangers in our old house, in preparation
of our move and the reality of smaller closets. these are much less bulky
and keep things feeling so much neater.

i scaled my purses down to one for each season plus a few
clutches for special occasions and threw them all in this galvanized

apparently i cut off my light fixture. just noticed this. if someone is dying to
see it i'll snap another photo, otherwise just trust me that it
is tons better. baskets hold shorts and t-shirts.

since i took this photo i have put a rug in here and it warms it
up all the more.

so there you have it. my quickie closet makeover.
this is part of a larger plan for our bedroom. last weekend i sold
our dressers and plan to use my closet for all my clothes. so,
it was necessary for it to be more functional.

now i'm ready to get busy on the rest of our room.
and our closet doors?

i'm thinking this would look great.

i'm linking up with beneath my heart and funky junk interiors.

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  1. I think your closet looks beautiful - and so feminine! We have those same hangers in my hubby's closet. Here you can get a peek:

    They really DO Make a big difference in saving space! Everything looks neat and tidy! Great job!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun