Wednesday, January 19, 2011

mixing it up

i know this is a diy/home decorating/seehowstacyreworkshersmallhousesoitsfunctionalfor5
kind of a blog. but i thought it would be fun to mix it up just a bit.

once a week.

or wiww for the acronym lovers among us, over at
the pleated poppy since she started the series.

because i have more projects than i can count going
on around the cottage i thought it would be a fun (for me, anyway)
diversion to play along.

i like fashion. i'm not particularly good at it but am always
looking for inspiration on how to put together
what i already own  in ways that are new.
that's one of the things i've been trying to do in 2011
since our budget is getting smaller, not larger!

so here we go. . . i managed to find my camera three days last week
but my goal will be a daily shot of "what i wore," even when i'm in my
painting clothes.

  (church. . . we're a casual bunch)
black quarter lenght t - shade
blk/red top - oops!
jeans - levi's
boots - jcrew from like 18 years ago.
necklace - gift from loft

here's a close up of my top in case the design wasn't clear. i love it.  it's wool and
i'll be sad when the season's change and i can't wear this.

(hanging out with local college student on campus)

striped top - target
scarf - target
brown sweater - loft
jeans - levi's
boots - luchesse

(school meeting, errands)

green and cream t's - shade
long cardy - tjmaxx
cords - loft
boots - miz mooz

my youngest didn't want to miss out on the action.
plus i can sum his style up in one outfit.

(4 year old uniform)

top/bottom - oldest brother's old soccer uniform.
worn daily around the house, occasionally out  if the weather suits,
sometimes to church because i have
learned to pick my battles, and almost always to bed.

go check out the fun fashion at the pleated poppy!


  1. Hey, glad your joining in, its always fun. You look great and happy which is so nice. Your home is gorgeous, thanks for sharing. Have a great week. axx

  2. Great outfits! Welcome to WIWW!

  3. You are adorable!! I love your outfits :) Welcome to WIWW and have a great week!

  4. i adore your sweaters and your green/white scarf. very cute outfits!j


  5. Welcome!I really like your Monday and Tuesday outfit,so cute!!

  6. Super cute, I really like the green outfit! Can't wait to see more of your outfits next week!

  7. You're very stylish. I'd love to see bigger photos though so I can see the mix of fabric prints. I'm terrible at mixing and you seem to have it down.

  8. Thanks, y'all! I appreciate the kind words so much. Kris, I will try for larger photo's next week or maybe some closeup shots of the fabric combo's. We don't have a great camera and I am not accustomed to being in front of it so I'm actually a little sheepish about both but will for sure give it a shot! :)

  9. Very very cute! Love the dress over jeans. I'm a Shade fan myself, hope they open back up soon!