Tuesday, January 4, 2011

life {in} grace

New Beginnings. Sometimes we choose them. Sometimes we wake up and find ourselves facing them, whether we want to or not.

Edie, from life{in}grace, has found herself facing a new beginning. The kind that you don't go looking for. The kind that shows up out of nowhere and redirects your life. A few days before Christmas her home burned to the ground. Her family escaped unharmed and, together, they are facing their new beginning. You can read her story here.

Today is Edie's birthday. Her friends in blogland, compelled by the impact Edie has had on them, are throwing a virtual "surprise party" for her. They have hijacked her blog and set up a linky party so that all of us can have an opportunity to express not only our well wishes but the impressions Edie has made on our lives.

I have never met Edie.

I started reading her blog somewhere around the time she painted her kitchen cabs turquoise.

There was a collective sigh among diy bloggers when she revealed her kitchen. It was fresh, inspiring, creative, beautiful, and full of personality.

Just like the woman behind the paintbrush.

I was hooked.

Every time I visited Edie's blog I was inspired; whether it be diy projects, amazing crafts/sewing skills,  cooking, or her obvious love for her family. 

And then there were posts like these.

For me, reading Edie's blog is like opening up a great devotional. She not only inspires me in my home but challenges me in my faith. Her intention in her home has everything to do with her faith.

And for me. . .  a Christian, wife, mom to three young boys staying home to be with them, desiring a creative and inspired home. . . Edie's blog is a daily destination.

Happy Birthday, Edie! I pray that as you purpose to rebuild your home this year you will experience the depth of God's mercy and love. That as you wait on so many things to fall into place you will, too, be waiting on the Lord.
"In waiting, I waited, for the Lord." Ps. 40:1

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  1. so nice to meet you dear friend. i love your cottage and have enjoyed poking around your blog. thank you oh so much for this birthday post. you have so blessed and encouraged me. i am humbled and thankful for the prayers, thoughts and well wishes.
    much love,