Wednesday, January 26, 2011

what i wore. . . no. 2

alrighty, i'm back for another week of
"what i wore wednesday" because you ladies
made it so much fun.

i had a request for larger photos in
order to see fabric and detail better.

while i hesitate because i'm afraid the only
thing that will show up better are my wrinkles, gray hair,
and grand canyon pores i do am aim to please, so here ya go. . .

(meeting with school principle -no, no one's in trouble!)

white top: old school j.jill
navy cardigan: loft
jeans: lucky's
shoes: target

(errands for our church)

plum top: anthropologie (sale upon sale item)
cardi: gap
neclace: target
jeans: loft
shoes: target

(painting, running, cleaning)

sorry, can't bring myself to enlarge this one. really, there's nothing
to see here!

top: pastor j's closet, vintage gap
sweatpants: target

(son's basketball game)

cream top: loft
cardi: backpacker, local
necklace: indy craft show, local
purse: loose lucy's, local
pants: oops! (reject jcrew chino's), local
shoes: gift

here are some detail of the top and cardi. . .


top: anthro, sale
jacket: loft
neclaces: target
jeans: levi's

more detail. . .

(chillin at home with a sick kiddo)

cowl neck top (more sweatshirt than sweater): target
cardi: loft
jeans: lucky's (i finally wore these jeans out today, i noticed
a tear in the knee as i was getting in my car. sadness.)

and that's all i got for the week!
make sure you visit all the other wwiw participants. you're sure to
find some inspiration!


  1. Looking lovely again this week, I like your hair curly, so pretty. Have a wonderful week honey. ax

  2. Cute outfits and your hair is adorable! Love the curls. (why is it that i don't love my own curls? yours look cute!)

  3. I can see you're an AT Loft fan as well.... Love the sweaters and t's there. Happy Wednesday!

  4. Wow I really like your style! Everything is really cute and great, awesome accessories too!

  5. Okay, Stacy, enough of the clothes--move aside so we can see how cute Quinby Cottage is.....

  6. Hi! I'm a new follower and just wanted to tell you that I love your hair! I have curly hair and always have such a hard time finding a cut that is cute!