Monday, November 1, 2010

is it 2011 yet?

man, we have had one of those "one thing after another" seasons over the last six weeks. you know the kind. . . the car that starts becoming a money pit, unexpected medical bills, sick kid after sick kid, a growing list of household projects on a shrinking budget, blah, blah, blah. . .

i seem to be unable to rest until this little cottage of ours is to our liking.  with the last several weeks being so hectic i couldn't tackle some of the larger projects but i did manage to get our tiny little bathroom updated.

it was one of those projects that just happened. you know the kind? i didn't have a plan or a vision and it wasn't on my agenda for the day. as a result i didn't even snap a before picture for you, so i'll have to 'paint' you a picture of the before.

here it is today. not an "after," but an "almost done."

what we started with in here were walls that were a fleshy color.
i honestly don't know how to describe the color; most of the house was painted
with it. fleshy with pink undertones. not attractive. the cabinet
in this bath was a standard oak with modern silver pulls.

because i needed to do this one on a dime i went to
our shed and pulled from paint we already had.

the vanity was painted alabaster by sherwin williams and i used some old rusty pulls
i had on hand from a project that never saw the light of day.

the walls are blue hubbard, a sherwin williams color i had mixed
at home depot with behr paint and primer in one. this color was
used in our front room and i had just enough left over for
our small bath.

the wall over the toilet had a standard towel bar. i removed that and filled
the holes and personalized the space a bit with pics of
the boys and warmed it up with a couple candles.

you can see the wall across from the toilet in the reflection of the mirror. that is the only
floor to ceiling wall space in the bathroom. the previous owners had
a vertical towel holder on that wall that held about six towels.

i put up a chippy shelf with four rusty hooks.
i picked  this up at hobby lobby for 50% off, making it $10.

so, now we have a place to hang our towels. hanging them over the doors was
not working for me! :)

this is another hook i had on hand. it has three different
sized hooks that pivot. i took down the ring towel hook on the wall
beside the vanity and replaced it with this. i need to go back and
paint the silver screws i used to put it up. i touch of hammered bronze spray
paint should do the job!

and because i love to display my blue ball and atlas jars i had to
make a spot for one. i just shoved a bunch of
white candles in and called it done.

to finish it out i will frame out the mirror and change the lighting
and faucet. i will likely put a couple cute knobs on those
two faux drawer fronts on the vanity, too.

but for now, it's a big improvement!

and the best part? the total out of pocket was $10 because we used what we had.


  1. What a big difference for $10. Everything looks great!

  2. Stacy, I'm so glad that you did this! we will be redoing the bath in our gainesville house soon. you have great ideas, and i will be showing this to Lee. thanks! you are always an inspiration! ~Dori :-]

  3. thanks, dori! you are too kind. stay tuned as bathroom number two is about to get a makeover, too and this one is receiving a faux board and batten treatment. hopefully it will go well enough for me to post. :)

  4. That bathroom looks almost exactly like the one I've just finished re-doing. Check my FB soon for photos.

  5. Fabulous! Thanks for sharing! And for $10! Amazing!

  6. Wow 10 bucks!! That has to be some sort of record! Awesome job!!

  7. Do you have a tutorial on how to frame out mirrors? It is a must do project on my honey do list!
    Your bathroom looks wonderful, great job!!!

  8. I just bought new shell frames and was wondering if i should include a frame in my bathroom. Not sure what I think about that? What do you think?