Thursday, January 6, 2011

coffee filter wreath

coffee filter wreath's were all over blogland last year.
you've seen  them.

they are puffy and feminine and interesting.

i'm a little late to the coffee filter craze but all the stars
aligned last night; i had my filters, glue sticks, wreath form,
and the biggy - a chunk of time to see it through.

FOUR hours to be exact.
yep, that's how long it took. i was determined not
to stop halfway through for fear i wouldn't come back to finish her off.

this is what you see when you enter our front door.
another door. it's our coat closet and it is
directly across from the front door so i like to have something pretty

mine's not quite as puffy. my filters are glued closer to the
wreath from and then i went over it with a pair of scissors
to trim her up and even out some spots. still needs a little more evening
out, i think.

a very cheap project. my wreath from was half off from hobby lobby - so, 2.50 - and
i bought store brand natural coffee  filters for .89 a pack. I used two packs.

the only casualty in this project were my finger tips. i lost approximately
2.5 finger prints.

if you try this don't give up. you will think at many points along the way
it looks horrible but keep at it. once you get all your filters on
you'll be happy with it!

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  1. The brown version looks like it came from a corral reef.