Sunday, January 2, 2011

new year, new projects

2010 went out with a fizzle for us here at quinby cottage.
the last week of the year was spent in submission
to an evil stomach virus. one by one it took out each of us.

so my plans to get a jump on some of my projects went down the
toilet with. . . well, you know.

instead, the last week of 2010 started with me running
back and forth between these two guys who, for the first two hours of the
onset of the virus, refused to leave the toilet.

i grabbed a bench for each of them.

eventually bean succumbed and made his way to a pallet
i set up for him outside our bathroom.

tank, however, was too afraid to leave for fear that
"more sick come out."

while i didn't get started on any diy projects i did firm up my list.

there are lots of small things to finish up like patching and caulking
nail holes and trim from our wall demo, painting interior doors (they are all going
black), finishing touches in the kitchen, final coat of paint in our

my big projects include: an overhaul of the boys suite upstairs. our cottage
is 1.5 stories so the upstairs consists of two bedrooms with a bath in the middle.
the ceilings are pitched which makes for challenging
furniture arrangement. my plans are shaping up for the room so stay tuned.
our master bedroom will also get some attention this year in the form
of paint, vertical planks, and a diy headboard. pastor j and i are both content to
wait on this. the boys area and a few other projects take priority.

with my new nailgun (a gift from my parents) and a hand-me-down
jigsaw from my mother-in-law i look forward to tackling it all myself.

what does your project list look like?

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