Saturday, July 30, 2011

bringing in some color

i've been a bit sick lately. mostly with migraines. i have them
often. really often. last week i had one that
just about did me in and lasted almost a full five days.
my meds weren't touching it.

it's over now. normally i would just
move on and take advantage of the feel good days
before the next one hits but this one
kicked me in the tail in a good way.

in an effort to (possibly) help with my migraines
 and just feel better, more energetic, in general (which would in turn
help my mirgaines) i have given up caffeine and sugar. and more than
that am shifting my family toward a more
"whole foods" diet.

i know this isn't a food blog but i have decided that from
time to time i will document how i'm doing with this
lifestyle change, for my own sake.

i have been off caffiene and sugar for several days now
and today i woke up migraine free and feeling great!

so, after being nearly non-functional for the last week i was
ready to clean and spruce and brighten up the place.

i had some fabric i was going to use to make lamp shades
but decided it was just what i needed in the kitchen to replace my old
meshy, neutral curtains.

i liked how the above curtains let light in and felt very airy
but they were just a little to beige for our fairly neutral kitchen.

this floral fabric was just right. it was a quick transformation thanks to
stitch witchery!

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Friday, July 15, 2011

master update :: repurpose, repaint, repair

i've been sloooowly chipping away at our master
bedroom for some time now.
i started here, then did this and this.
then stalled out.

because we have virtually no budget for this re-do
i have had to repupose, repaint, and repair
things we already have.
i do enjoy a decorating challenge.
(the wall planks have been the one expense so far
but i sold furniture to get the funds for those!)

headboard . . .
i knew i wanted it to be rustic and it had to be cheap.
finally i decided to use an old barndoor
that we hauled from nc last year.

so, i brought it in from the shed and set to work
giving it some legs.

i used some scrap wood, cut it to length, and
used the nail gun to secure it.

it's a heavy door so i bulked up the legs a good bit.
i knew they wouldn't be seen so wasn't too concerned
with how they looked.

and here she stands.

i'm really liking it.
with all the straight lines - wall planks and
headboard - i wanted something with some softer edges
on and over the bed.

the pillows also bring in the bright pops of color i wanted.
the mirror over the bed was a clearance
item from tjmaxx. it's cheap, cheap but i knew
i would paint it.

it's rustoleum's leaf green.

this old quilt was handed down from pastor j's side of the family
and has so many fun colors. it's a bit tattered so
i just drape it across the bed.

i'm still chipping away at the room as a whole but have done a few things
here and there. i still have a number of things to do
before it all comes together. some of that involves
spending so once the kids are back in school i'm
going to work on some furniture to sell and try to get this room done!

in the meantime,
here are a few sneak peeks of other little projects going on in the room.

hoping to finish it up and share the reveal by the end of september.
like i said, i'm moving slow! :)

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