quinby cottage

in september 2010 our family of five moved into a 1700 sq. ft. cape cod style cottage.

we are taking it one room at a time, to make this house our home. more suitable to the life
of our family, our style, and out taste. check in here from time to time to see our progress and some before and after's. this page will be updated regularly.

the picture on the left was the original dining room and the right the living room. one of our biggest changes
has been to remove the wall that separates the two.

this is the view from the front door. to the right  is the original dining area and around  the right corner, the living room.
on the other side of the wall to the left when entering the house, is a small bedroom. we also created a double door width opening into that room and closed off the original door from the hallway to further improve the flow and openness of the home while adding some additional living space.

below are super befores. as in before we moved in, taken from the mls.

the above is the dining room, looking from the kitchen with the entry behind it.
below is the living room, the sofa is on the wall shared with the dining room.

here we are with wall down, at christmas.

above is now the view from the entry. to the left the wall has been opened up and is
now a den/tv room.

this is standing in the living area, sans wall, looking into the dining area and below is opposite, standing in dining area looking into living area.

below is standing in the dining room looking toward the entry hall (door is closed to the

this is the view from the den into our now open living/dining space.
the old wall ran where the sofa is.

the woods beam came from a 1840's tobacco barn here in sc.
no, it does not smell like tobacco but it's old and worn and cracked and even
has some old bent, rusty nails in it. i love it!

below are two pictures of the kitchen before we moved in.
these are from the mls.

here's what we have done to maximize the space of our tiny galley

keep checking back to watch our cottage evolve. and maybe one day i will get a
camera that will do justice to all our changes! :)