Monday, January 24, 2011

master makeover in progress

i was a little caught off gaurd by the calender today.
january has really gotten away from me! 
we've had snow days, scheduled days off, and sick kids.

the only thing all this means is that my project list is
getting restructured.

but that's life right?
if having kids has taught me anything it's that
flexibility makes life a lot easier.
a lesson that has not come easy for this highly structured gal!

today, because bean was home and passed out on the sofa
i decided to get started on our master bedroom which
is within earshot of the sofa.
it's a project i wasn't going to hit until spring,
but, i had the paint so i figured why not!

i have done absolutely nothing to our master since
we moved in last september other than our bathroom

below is a very before picture. it's actually an mls pic and what we saw
when we first looked at the home. so, none of it is our stuff.
their bedframe, while very nice, really overwhelmed this room so we sold our
bedframe before we moved
with plans to do something a little different for a headboard.

it's impossible to see the wall color with the lighting in this photo.
it's a fleshy pink color. i have previously described
it as resembling the underbelly of a pig. not a great color.

this looked a lot better on my camera than it does here.
the left side is the new color, rice grain by sherwin williams, mixed
by home depot. love behr's paint and primer in one.
the right side is the old pinkish wall.

rice grain. it only took one coat of behr p and p. awesome!
the trim and molding, currently a creamy white, will
be painted a bright white.

all walls were painted today except this one. it's going to be an accent
wall and will receive a treatment of horizontal
planks, painted white.

i'm hoping to land somewhere between these two looks.
the above pic is clean and fresh and below is
rustic and fresh, and a little less perfect which suits
us better.

it will be my first project using my new nail gun and compressor so
join me in praying that i don't land in the hospital with a nail driven through
my hand. just kidding, mom! i'll be fine.


  1. Love your inspiration... the planks have a romantic feel, if that's possible?! Cannot wait to see more results (no pressure!)

  2. Please, let me know how the planking works. That is an idea I've thought about for my bedroom since I've got hideous painted 1970s grasscloth wallpaper on three of four walls. And it's painted operating room green, which is just about as appealing as your house-of-ill-repute pink was! This wallpaper has a foil base, is cemented to the drywall, and resists all efforts, except gouging, to be removed. So, I can either rip out and re-drywall those three walls or put something thick over it. Wood seems like it might cover it up. Anyhow, let me know.