Monday, November 15, 2010

South Carolina vs Florida. . . draining the swamp!

I interrupt reno and home decor news to bring you this AWESOME video highlighting
the many sweet moments of the SEC East title game last Saturday. 

thank you for indulging me,
a proud gamecock


  1. Are you going to Atlanta to the SEC Championship game? We are big Auburn fans so I guess you could saw we're on opposite sides of the fence but it should be a great game! We have found 2 tickets but are looking for 3 more....let me know if you go to the game.


  2. Oh, Judy! How I wish we could go!! We are hosting our church Christmas party that day which has been on the calendar for a while now. The party starts at 7 so it will begin with the game on. . . priorties and all. I just read on gamecock news that tonight at midnight is the deadline for getting tickets and i almost made an impulse purchase with plans to leave the party in my husbands hands. (my husband the gator grad) I hope you are right. I hope it is a good game and my gamecocks show up ready to play!