Thursday, November 4, 2010

out with the old. . .

it's a rainy, cool, fall day here in south

a good day to stay inside, enjoy a hot drink,
light some candles, and. . . 

enjoy the sounds of a kitchen demo! 

this is what's happening around here today.

upper cabs and soffit are coming out. old white laminate that stains
super easily is coming out. old sink that was only 5 inches deep is coming out.

going in. . .

oak butcher block, a deep white sink, and open shelving.

my inpiration kitchen is laura's from pure style home.

isn't it great? my colors will be different and i have a window
over the sink (and a much smaller space!) but the
concept will be similar. want to see this kitchen's before?
check it out here.

by the time the sun is shining again my countertops and sink will be installed
and my walls will be ready for me to tackle. to save some money
i'll be doing the open shelving myself.  fingers crossed that
i can pull it off!!

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