Monday, November 22, 2010

diy fail

when we ripped the upper cabinets out of our kitchen pieces of our
undesireable popcorn ceiling came down with them. i seriously thought about
scraping the whole thing right then and there but pastor j
would have been most unhappy with me. we have had
a disrupt-the-routine kind of project going
on since we moved in. . . so, the popcorn
ceiling stays.

but, the patches need touching up. i did paint the strips that
had drywall exposed so it wasn't so obvious but it still looks bad.

today was my day to tackle the patch work. something i should have done before
 i put the open shelves up but i was a tad impatient to get those up
and decked out.  i covered everything up and pulled out the can-o-texture.

it sounded easy enough.

1. cover everything.
2. shake can for 1 minute.
3. hold upright.
4. pull trigger making half second sweeps.
5. there are 8-10 "sweeps" in the can.

okay, cool.


this was a disaster of a diy project!! first, this stuff flies everywhere when you spray it.
everywhere! except the place i want it to go. the area i need to cover
is a long thin line, about 12 feet. for the life of me i could not hit that
thin line. after about five failed sweeps the nozzle clogged and i had to step down to
wash the goey textured mess out of my hair.

there has got to be a better way!

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