Friday, November 5, 2010

calling all diy'ers!

i need opinions!!

our kitchen reno is under way. the upper cabs are out.
the walls are prepped and drying waiting for the next step.
the butcher block counter is in.
the sink is in.

when i started  this i didn't know what
i was going to do for backsplash. i knew i wasn't
going to buy another slab of butcher block
just to get a 1x4 cut for the backsplash.
if money weren't an issue i may have
done that, but as it stands. . . not happening.
so, i was thinking i may not have one and rather
do beadboard all the way up. or maybe board and batten.
in the end i decided against these because there
is not a natural stop point on  that wall. i would
have had to cover the whole wall on that side of
the kitchen and i didn't want to do  that.

so, i ran  up to lowes and bought a 1x4, came home and made my cuts
and tried to stain it to match my counters. impossible.

here is my question. do you think it looks bad. like really bad
to have the mix of wood and varying color?
be honest.

here are some pics to give you some different angles. the darker spots
are a rougher texture on the wood.

i know the real designers out  there might give this a giant
no but there are probably lots of things in my
house that would get that
so i need other input. i am normally pretty decisive on
decor issues but not this one.

i am open to scrapping it or keeping it.

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  1. Sometimes when you try to match something, it just won't. You see the results... I would go with a contrast. I think the rough cut of the wood will lend itself to not being stained. I'd look for maybe a decorative baseboard which is smoother and paint it bright white like the cabinets (or whatever the cabinets are), or darker like whatever the outlets covers are. (I'd go with cabinet color, in a paint that is scrubable.) Dori :-]

  2. i say go for it! the more contrast the more character you have add some more of the 1x4 else where in the kitchen to make it "match " if you want..i love that your doing it inexpensively..keep going! by the way its nice to "meet" you im stephanie from The Whispering Creek House

  3. I like the rough look of the wood, but maybe not against the butcher block counter. I really like your idea of doing beadboard and I think you could make that work pretty easily. I'll send you a link of something similar, they just used a little molding to end it so it doesn't have to go all the way up the wall. Kitchen is looking good! Glad the sink worked!

  4. I think I agree with D'Anne.....I'm thinking white to match your trim. D'Anne mentioned decorative baseboard. You could get a smaller piece of molding that fits right on top of your 1x, just to give it a little architechural would look very much like baseboard....and don't forget to caulk!

  5. beadboard ALL the way! They have beadboard wallpaper you can try. I am thinking of doing it myself.

  6. I don't think it looks bad, I like the contrasting textures. You didn't mention sealing it, which I'm sure you would need to do in a high spill area. Have you considered trim tiles--I'm just thinking about clean-up and sanitation.

  7. What about a back splash. Like a faux metal they sell at Lowes in the cabinet section. I've heard that a back splash in a house can increase the speed of selling a house (not that you are selling). Not a big fan of the two together.

  8. If you love it go with it! You're the only one who has to live with after all. I'm sure you could also love it for a little while then revamp it or replace it all together whenever you fall out of love completely. Easy peasy.