Tuesday, September 14, 2010

wall demo day 2 and some beam love

when i arrived home from school drop's this
morning i was greeted by this beauty!

he was waiting in the yard as the guys finished up some
prep work inside so they could get him in place.

i learned that this guy came from the very first tobacco barn built
in sc, which is estimated to be somewhere around the 1840's.

hello? how cool is that!?

i can't believe how much our space changed by taking
down one wall and changing the opening to another room.
you can see where the walls were in the picture above. i took
the pic from the opening of our new sitting room,
which you can see in the pic below.

i'm thrilled with it!

see the room beyond the beam there? that's the new sitting room, there used to be a wall
there,  too.

this guy is in the center of it all. no matter where you are standing
he demands your attention!

i'm going to throw a few coats of polyurethane on to seal him up and
then he'll be ready!

tomorrow, the dry wall guy comes to close up the original doorway
to the sitting room and cover the cross beams. by the weekend we'll have this piece of
it wrapped up. then monday the painting will begin!

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