Sunday, September 12, 2010

home sweet home

moving day has come and gone and we are now
getting settled in to quinby cottage.

i don't think i have ever felt so immediately
"at home" anywhere we have lived.

the kids love it, too.
bikes, skateboards, and scooters
have already been out.

we have been greeted warmly by neighbors even though
our boys' have raised the noise level
in this quiet cul-de-sac immensely.

spinner, after meeting a little boy named frank,
started calling him franc (as in the french pronunciation)
and telling silly stories from wimpy kid without
coming up for air. frank's mom
still gave us brownies and welcomed us to the

how cute is this workshop?
it's mine!
it's a darling little shop that has electricity, a/c,
and cable hook up!
it is going to serve as my green seed workshop.
i'll show you more once i get it all set up.

love, love the doors and ornamental tee hinges!

monday we will be knocking down a wall and changing the opening to another room.

the room on the left is the dining room, on the right is the family room. these rooms share a
wall and it's coming down! it's a support wall so it is a big job but will be totally worth
it when this space is opened up. because it is a support
wall we will have a post in the far corner, which is close to the
center of the house. the column is a salvaged
piece from an old tobacco mill from a small sc
town. i'm psyched about having it.

the rest of the room will take shape around that column. fresh paint, horizontal planking,
updated fireplace.

each room will be getting a makover and it may very
well take a full year.
hopefully when it's all done we will have an
easy, breezy, light and airy, cottage farmhouse feel.

i'll be sure to document it all so check back in.


  1. Such a cute home you have and I know the Lord will bless it as you and your family grow in it.
    Love your blog too!

  2. Thanks be to God! I'm thrilled for you to be in a house in the city, and one you are enjoying. The workshop is perfect too. I'm excited for you, and looking forward to seeing your already appealing home take shape. This has been a long time coming!

    Love, Kim