Friday, September 3, 2010

sneak peak and an honor

it's been busy around here
but i wanted to pop in and give you a
sneak peak of my current project.

it's an old dresser, that once lived
in our closet, and before that
spent time in my parent's home,

in our next home it is going to be in the
kitchen, working double duty
as some extra counter space
and drawer storage.

it's not exactly an "island" since it won't be floating in the middle
of the kitchen like a traditional island but we'll call it that

here's a sneak peak.

so far i am really happy with how it's looking.
still have some work to do, including
installing the butcher block top.

it's ikea's numerar and i love it. the color is great
and you can't beat the price.

it should be finished up by monday!


in other news i was excited to wake up today to learn
that holly from life in the fun lane
featured one of my nightstands today on her

i have gained a lot of inspiration from holly and her whiteberry shop.
you should go check out her work, she's a talented lady!

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