Tuesday, September 21, 2010

swimming in paint

phase two of home reno is underway.

followed by painting and then some more painting.
oh, and putting horizontal planks in the dining and sitting room.

while i am working on neutralizing our walls
i thought i would show you one of the
furniture makeovers i did the week
before we moved.

did i really redo three pieces of furniture while
packing our entire house, enrolling the kids in new schools,
and taking care of all the administrative details of moving and closing
on two houses?

uh, yes. and that may explain my fatigue!

this little table was a piece of cake though.

like so many pieces in my home this once belonged to
my grandmother. it had a marble
top that was never secured. it wasn't pretty marble either.
it was icky, with swirls of brown and lot's of stains.
(sorry, in my haste to rid myself of that slab
of marble i got rid of it before snapping a pic)
i had a table runner over it for years and
used it in our upstairs hall to hold a lamp and some of the kids' books.

there was some decorative wood inlay on the drawer that i also wasn't crazy
about along with a brass rim around  the lower shelf.

i took the easy way out and just sprayed it all!

(sorry about the poor quality pics. this piece doesn't have a home yet so i just stuck it here for the pic)

i had some wood laying around and, remarkably, one piece fit
the top perfectly.
it even  had a beveled edge on the front.
all i did was stain it and glue it down with some liquid nails.

add a couple new knobs and she's got a whole new look.

for those interested in the details of the paint job i used a spray primer (kilz), followed
by rustoleum's heirloom white, and used deft lacquer spray as a protective finish.
i sanded ever so lightly with 220 grit in between each coat.


did i mention i am painting the whole house white? alabaster, to be exact. this is new for me as i have always
had color on the wall. i made great progress today and will hopefully have some
reveals of some or our rooms in a week or so.

in other news. . . in my fatigued state i apparently put my paint roller and brush (thick with paint) in the freezer. i went to look for them after i picked the kids up from school and couldn't
find  them anywhere. later when i went in the freezer, there they were. frozen.

in between freezing paint brushes and taking care of the fam i also have some special orders
for the thomas company.
oh, and did i mention i had an emergency tooth extraction yesterday?
yeah, that was fun.

i think i'll take the rest of the night off. :)

y'all have a good one!


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  1. Thanks for stopping by Stacy,
    I can totally relate to the brushes in the freezer. I was walking out of a movie, stopped at the exit and pointed my car opener at the door, and waited for it to open. I came to my senses when I realized there were people trying to get around me. I was terribly embarrassed! Sadly I have more stories like this.