Tuesday, August 3, 2010

it's the little things, y'all

while i was watering some plants on our front porch today
i got a good look at our doorbell.
in a word. blah.
it's just cheap yellowed plastic.

suddenly it really bugged me. i mean, really bugged me.
i know, i have issues.

so what does a paint obsessed person like me do?

paint it!

i just unscrewed it, disconnected it and put a coat of primer on it followed by a coat of black.
i sprayed the screws, too, so they would blend better.
i even put a couple coats of wipe-on poly on it to protect if from my boys sticky fingers.

so much better, don't ya think?
i'm sure no one, including my husband, will notice.
but that's okay.

it makes me happy.

now i can water my plants in peace.

linking up to domestically speaking and shabby chic cottage.


  1. Too funny! I think it makes a world of difference too! :)


  2. Oh the little things in life! It's a small touch, but I like it!!

  3. Totally agree...little things make a huge different. However, now that I think about it, I have NO idea what my doorbell looks like!

    I'll have to check that out.

  4. Glad you did something for yourself :) I say thank goodness for the little things that bring us pleasure!

    PS I may paint my gold doorbell black...hmmm

  5. I have to agree with you - it DID make a difference and I think black was just the ticket...

  6. That did make a difference. I get weird thoughts like that too - drives the husband nuts because he doesn't know why I want to spend time changing or moving something around when no one really notices. But I notice and that's what counts. Now excuse me while I go see what my doorbell looks like.

  7. It's amazing how such a little thing can make such a difference... good for you!

  8. Good job! My door bell surround is also plastic. I think it once had gold paint on it, but that's long gone. The plastic button is discolored and ugly. Instead of a paint job, I think I need a whole new door bell!