Monday, August 30, 2010

trash to treasure

i'm crazy busy packing, patching, painting, sorting, and purging for our move next week.

until i can get down to the business of documenting all the changes we
will make to our quinby cottage i thought i would share
a freshly updated piece of furniture going with us.

this beauty came to me free! after being passed around
by guys in seminary over the last several years the most recent owner
decided that she had to hit the curb. but first, he asked me
if i could do anything for her.

uh, yes, please.

initially, my plans were to fix her up and sell her.

i cleaned her up and put a couple coats of white raisen by sherwin williams on her.
i had this paint on hand, so another score.

i really liked the curvy, leafy detail of the pulls so i
just spruced them up with some hammered bronze spray paint, also in my stash.

and her she is, sitting in my shop garage but only because she is waiting to be
moved to our new home. i decided i couldn't get rid of her and that she would
be the perfect piece for a room that we plan to convert from a small
bedroom (by closing up the doorway and opening up the wall and framing it out. . . can't wait!) 
 to a sitting room.

we will desperately need the extra storage in our new-to-us smaller home
so this will work great while bringing a fun pop of yellow to the room.

you'll have to stay tuned to find out what other plans we have for the space.

can't wait to get in and get busy!

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  1. GORGEOUS!!! I love the curves, the color..and the price tag ;)

    Well done :)

  2. What a great save! It looks beautiful.

  3. Love the color, so soft and romantic. You did a great job!!

  4. It looks great, I love the color and the curves!

  5. I love the color of your new beauty.
    Thanks for sharing

  6. That's GREAT! I can't believe you got it for free!!

  7. That is a great color - I've thought about putting it in my laundry room for years!

  8. so pretty! love the french shape and the soft yellow color:)

  9. Great transformation. Don't you just love that bronze spray paint?!

  10. thanks y'all! and yes, chrissie, i love spray bronze! is it overly dramatic to say that it's changed my life? :)

  11. Those curves are gorgeous & I love the creamy color you picked! I'm putting your dresser in the PoPP Spotlight on Saturday!

  12. I knew from the moment I saw the before pic I was going to love this one :) Love the pretty handles too!

  13. thanks again, you guys! i really appreciate all the encouragement!

  14. Stopping by from Funky Junk's SNS. Love the graceful shape and pretty new colour of this piece. Great job!