Wednesday, August 4, 2010

speaking of the little things. . .

when we moved into our home three years ago i was itching
to get started making it our own.
removing some of that "builder" look and adding
a bit of interest.

i think we had been in the house all of 8 hours before
i bought some new switch plates for our kitchen.

most people over look switch plates. and why wouldn't you when
there are always larger projects to attack.

but the little things can really pull the larger picture together.

our old switch plates

everybody has them. white and plastic.
there is nothing wrong with them.

but isn't this better?

these are tin with a brushed nickel finish.
and they averaged $1 each, depending on the size, at Lowe's.

they are much more decorative and for a small
price add a touch more interest to any space.

it's been three years and i have only changed out our kitchen
but will finish out the downstairs this year if we don't sell our home
by the end of this month.

in the days to come i'll share a few more "little things" we did around here to
warm things up.

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