Wednesday, August 25, 2010

what do you do with old window frames?

I threw together a quick project in between sorting, weeding and packing boxes today. its o the chalkboard variety which i know in diy world have become a dime a dozen. i thought i'd show you anyway.

I had an old window frame, I had a piece of masonite - amazingly already cut to size, and I had chalkboard paint.

So, I threw them all together.

the frame is painted plane ole' white.
hardware, too.

i like masonite for diy chalkboards because it is such a smooth surface.
any pressed wood will do, doesn't have to be the masonite brand!
you can pick it up at any LowPot and they will cut it to size for you, so make sure you take
some measurements.

i have had this can of chalkboard paint for a while, it has seen me
through many projects.

i'm thinking about painting the entire fridge in our new home with it.
too much?

i'm happy with today's spontaneous project. this window had three panes so it works
perfectly for our family. each kid gets a column for their daily to-do's, notes, homework assignments, etc.

okay, enough fun.
gotta go pack some more.

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