Wednesday, November 30, 2011

a few of my favorite things

i have been slowly pulling out our
christmas decor the last few days.
i'm having a hard time getting going this year.
not feeling super creative or energetic when
it comes to decorating.

i did manage to get a few cuttings from the yard to
make a fresh door swag

and i've been piddling with the mantle but am not happy with it yet.

my lack of holiday decorating mojo might have something to do with the
impending sinus and ear infection i feel building in my head.

in the meantime i thought i would participate in the nester's
favorite things party by sharing a few of my

so, here we go. a few things i'd rather not live without.

1. john frieda's frizz ease dream curls :: i have seriously tried almost
every product available for curly hair. from the expensive stuff to the
cheap stuff and everything in between. about two years ago i picked this up
during a buy one get one sale and have never looked back. it's cheap and it
controls frizz and softens my curls like nothing else ever has. you can find it in any drugstore.

2. blue chips with flax seed :: love these. alone. with humus. with homemade
pimento cheese. with salsa. for lunch, snack or dinner. i love them. blue chips
are naturally organic and the flax seed is full of health benefits. my favorite brand
is target's archer farms. i find it to be the most flavorful and it is also the least
expensive. double like.

3. my (not so) storybook life, by elizabeth owen :: i really enjoy a good
memoir. i also really enjoy a book that can make me laugh. this book made me
laugh. and cry. and then laugh again. i had to put it down while reading
during a hair appt recently because i literally could not contain my laughter and then, moments later,
had to ask for a tissue because tears of sadness were streaming down my face. (i received a 'poor thing' kind of smile from my hairdresser's apprentice and then i picked up people magazine)  liz is talented i tell ya.
her story of friendship and personal growth will leave you feeling warm and hopeful
and longing for the next chapter. you can find it here. oh, and liz blogs here.  

4. tazo organic chai tea concentrate :: my favorite hot drink is a 
starbucks chai tea latte. really, i think i'm addicted. i craaave them and
my day doesn't feel underway until i take that first sip. problem is a gande is just
under 4 bucks. not a habit we can support on our, i set out to come up
with my own chai latte at home and tried many different brands of chai tea in the process.
then. . . THEN. . .
i came across this at, of all places, wal mart. just over $3 and it lasts me a week
and is EXACTLY what is used at starbucks. my barista friend told  me so!

5. sweet leaf green tea with mint and honey :: when i'm not drinking
hot chai i am drinking this. love is also not too strong a word here. the only
two places i have found this in our town is earth fare, a whole foods grocery
store, and publix, a typical (but not!) grocery store. way cheaper at publix and often on sale.
i currently have four 64 oz bottles in the fridge. i'll need more by saturday.

6. campbell hausfeld compressor and nail gun ::  with all the projects
i've done around here this year this has been invaluable! it's user friendly, lightweight,
and packs just the right amount of punch for the average diy'er.

is it weird that three of my six favorite things are food/drinks? don't answer that.

instead go check out all the favorite things linked up at the nester's party. there's sure to be
some great gift ideas in there.

~ stacy ~

Thursday, November 17, 2011

musical chairs

in my quest to get the scale of things right in our little cottage
i made some changes around our table this week.

we've had windsor back chairs around our farm table for several years
now. and while i like them they just weren't working for us in
this house. they felt too heavy for the smaller space.

so, i craigs listed them on tuesday and they were gone 24 hours later.

i knew i wanted something lighter in feel and in weight. and something that would
tuck under the table a little more. i narrowed it
down to the two below.

i threw it out to friends on my personal fb account and the majority
voted for the wood chair.

but i couldn't get images like these out of my head. . .

images above are from my pinterest boards.

so, i went with the metal tolix inspired chairs. how awesome are they in yellow
by the way?!

i like the retro look and the pairing of a more industrial chair
with our distressed farmhouse table. i also decided that wiping
pasta sauce off these chairs would be way easier
than the caned seating of the wood chair. kid friendly
is at the top of the list around here! 

i got ours at a local place called southern salvage. they were literally a quarter
of the price of an original tolix. they had several colors and i was tempted by them all
but settled on a matte gunmetal grey since the colors
in my house are in constant flux.

i did keep the wood french bistro chair. i just couldn't part with it. :)
i envision it in the kitchen when we get our "one day" banquette built.

~ stacy ~

Sunday, November 6, 2011

wall makeovers (& a lot of pictures)

i think someone spiked my chai tea latte's with some
red bull this weekend.

after 14 months in our current home our to-do list is still
pretty long. some big projects and some small.
saturday i was determined to cross off some of the
small projects i'd been dragging my feet on.

namely, dressing up some walls.

i've been working on the boy's room's upstairs as i'm able to get materials.
the stairwell leading up to their space is dark, has poor lighting, and up to now
has had nothing on the walls. bOrInG!

i knew i wanted to deck it out with color and with stuff  that would be
fun for the boys. i want them to love their rooms, and the walk up!

everything on the wall came from around the house. i didn't spend a dime.

the above print is hanging on an old barn door which is leaning in the corner
on the landing at the bottom of the stairs.
most of the frames received a fresh look with
either spray or craft paint or both.

five keys representing the five of us.

an 8x10 print from my friend jessie. hopefully she won't
mind i cut it up to achieve a different look.

the boys' artwork. . .

the excerpt above is from a book "the clowns of god" talking
about children with down syndrome, challenging the things on which most
people place value.

there are three framed numbers on the wall. a 3, 5, and 7, the ages of the boys
when we moved into quinby cottage.

i can't remember where i got this print. it was years ago. it was on etsy.
that's all i know.

i have just a few spots to fill in and i'm sure
it will be ever changing as the boys grow.

next up is the wall on the other side of the staircase. it looked like this for a
long time. . .

one of our problems in this house has been lack of space for
bookshelves. after tripping over books stacked in wire baskets
and even an old antique wash tub i'd had enough and decided to
throw up a couple shelves on this wall.

(please ignore the different color trim. still working on painting it all out.)

i bought a few scrolly brackets and two 1 x 6 x 6 boards, stained them
and slapped 'em up there.

it really warms up that wall.

looking at this side of the room is totally different now. i love it.

so, that's what i did on saturday.

oh, one other thing got changed. i wanted to use the little mirrors from
our front room in the stairwell.

and the 'w' and the chalkboard which i spray painted red. so i had to
 re-do this wall.

here it is now. prints from jones design company.


love checking things off my list!

~ stacy ~