Sunday, November 6, 2011

wall makeovers (& a lot of pictures)

i think someone spiked my chai tea latte's with some
red bull this weekend.

after 14 months in our current home our to-do list is still
pretty long. some big projects and some small.
saturday i was determined to cross off some of the
small projects i'd been dragging my feet on.

namely, dressing up some walls.

i've been working on the boy's room's upstairs as i'm able to get materials.
the stairwell leading up to their space is dark, has poor lighting, and up to now
has had nothing on the walls. bOrInG!

i knew i wanted to deck it out with color and with stuff  that would be
fun for the boys. i want them to love their rooms, and the walk up!

everything on the wall came from around the house. i didn't spend a dime.

the above print is hanging on an old barn door which is leaning in the corner
on the landing at the bottom of the stairs.
most of the frames received a fresh look with
either spray or craft paint or both.

five keys representing the five of us.

an 8x10 print from my friend jessie. hopefully she won't
mind i cut it up to achieve a different look.

the boys' artwork. . .

the excerpt above is from a book "the clowns of god" talking
about children with down syndrome, challenging the things on which most
people place value.

there are three framed numbers on the wall. a 3, 5, and 7, the ages of the boys
when we moved into quinby cottage.

i can't remember where i got this print. it was years ago. it was on etsy.
that's all i know.

i have just a few spots to fill in and i'm sure
it will be ever changing as the boys grow.

next up is the wall on the other side of the staircase. it looked like this for a
long time. . .

one of our problems in this house has been lack of space for
bookshelves. after tripping over books stacked in wire baskets
and even an old antique wash tub i'd had enough and decided to
throw up a couple shelves on this wall.

(please ignore the different color trim. still working on painting it all out.)

i bought a few scrolly brackets and two 1 x 6 x 6 boards, stained them
and slapped 'em up there.

it really warms up that wall.

looking at this side of the room is totally different now. i love it.

so, that's what i did on saturday.

oh, one other thing got changed. i wanted to use the little mirrors from
our front room in the stairwell.

and the 'w' and the chalkboard which i spray painted red. so i had to
 re-do this wall.

here it is now. prints from jones design company.


love checking things off my list!

~ stacy ~

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  1. I love all of your ideas! I also live in a small cape and it's nice to see what can be done with a little creativity ;)