Wednesday, November 30, 2011

a few of my favorite things

i have been slowly pulling out our
christmas decor the last few days.
i'm having a hard time getting going this year.
not feeling super creative or energetic when
it comes to decorating.

i did manage to get a few cuttings from the yard to
make a fresh door swag

and i've been piddling with the mantle but am not happy with it yet.

my lack of holiday decorating mojo might have something to do with the
impending sinus and ear infection i feel building in my head.

in the meantime i thought i would participate in the nester's
favorite things party by sharing a few of my

so, here we go. a few things i'd rather not live without.

1. john frieda's frizz ease dream curls :: i have seriously tried almost
every product available for curly hair. from the expensive stuff to the
cheap stuff and everything in between. about two years ago i picked this up
during a buy one get one sale and have never looked back. it's cheap and it
controls frizz and softens my curls like nothing else ever has. you can find it in any drugstore.

2. blue chips with flax seed :: love these. alone. with humus. with homemade
pimento cheese. with salsa. for lunch, snack or dinner. i love them. blue chips
are naturally organic and the flax seed is full of health benefits. my favorite brand
is target's archer farms. i find it to be the most flavorful and it is also the least
expensive. double like.

3. my (not so) storybook life, by elizabeth owen :: i really enjoy a good
memoir. i also really enjoy a book that can make me laugh. this book made me
laugh. and cry. and then laugh again. i had to put it down while reading
during a hair appt recently because i literally could not contain my laughter and then, moments later,
had to ask for a tissue because tears of sadness were streaming down my face. (i received a 'poor thing' kind of smile from my hairdresser's apprentice and then i picked up people magazine)  liz is talented i tell ya.
her story of friendship and personal growth will leave you feeling warm and hopeful
and longing for the next chapter. you can find it here. oh, and liz blogs here.  

4. tazo organic chai tea concentrate :: my favorite hot drink is a 
starbucks chai tea latte. really, i think i'm addicted. i craaave them and
my day doesn't feel underway until i take that first sip. problem is a gande is just
under 4 bucks. not a habit we can support on our, i set out to come up
with my own chai latte at home and tried many different brands of chai tea in the process.
then. . . THEN. . .
i came across this at, of all places, wal mart. just over $3 and it lasts me a week
and is EXACTLY what is used at starbucks. my barista friend told  me so!

5. sweet leaf green tea with mint and honey :: when i'm not drinking
hot chai i am drinking this. love is also not too strong a word here. the only
two places i have found this in our town is earth fare, a whole foods grocery
store, and publix, a typical (but not!) grocery store. way cheaper at publix and often on sale.
i currently have four 64 oz bottles in the fridge. i'll need more by saturday.

6. campbell hausfeld compressor and nail gun ::  with all the projects
i've done around here this year this has been invaluable! it's user friendly, lightweight,
and packs just the right amount of punch for the average diy'er.

is it weird that three of my six favorite things are food/drinks? don't answer that.

instead go check out all the favorite things linked up at the nester's party. there's sure to be
some great gift ideas in there.

~ stacy ~


  1. Stacy, I'm always looking for a good book to read, thanks for the recommendation! I wanted to add chocolate covered pretzels to my list but I had them on my list last year. It's hard not to put food on the list! ;)

  2. Great post! {Visiting from The Nester} I would love to eat/drink/read/try each one of the things you mentioned! I always love a good book recommendation. Thanks!

  3. I've been thinking about you and wondering what super cute Christmas decorations you have this year. Get motivated! You need to inspire the rest of us! :-)

  4. so, are you a book loaner?

  5. of course, jo, but someone else has it right now. :) you can be next!

  6. Great picks!!! :) You have a beautiful blog! So nice to 'meet' you today! I blog at "Only A Breath" and would love for you to stop by and visit :)