Thursday, November 17, 2011

musical chairs

in my quest to get the scale of things right in our little cottage
i made some changes around our table this week.

we've had windsor back chairs around our farm table for several years
now. and while i like them they just weren't working for us in
this house. they felt too heavy for the smaller space.

so, i craigs listed them on tuesday and they were gone 24 hours later.

i knew i wanted something lighter in feel and in weight. and something that would
tuck under the table a little more. i narrowed it
down to the two below.

i threw it out to friends on my personal fb account and the majority
voted for the wood chair.

but i couldn't get images like these out of my head. . .

images above are from my pinterest boards.

so, i went with the metal tolix inspired chairs. how awesome are they in yellow
by the way?!

i like the retro look and the pairing of a more industrial chair
with our distressed farmhouse table. i also decided that wiping
pasta sauce off these chairs would be way easier
than the caned seating of the wood chair. kid friendly
is at the top of the list around here! 

i got ours at a local place called southern salvage. they were literally a quarter
of the price of an original tolix. they had several colors and i was tempted by them all
but settled on a matte gunmetal grey since the colors
in my house are in constant flux.

i did keep the wood french bistro chair. i just couldn't part with it. :)
i envision it in the kitchen when we get our "one day" banquette built.

~ stacy ~

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  1. Love the look! I am thinking of changing out our dining chairs and this post was a great inspiration!