Saturday, December 3, 2011

adapting a sconce

in my effort to draw out the makeover of the boys'
rooms i accomplished only one more tiny thing this week.

you may remember the wall treatment i finished up
several weeks ago behind bean's bed.

it's a dark little recessed area but a perfect nook
for his bed.
the outlet on that wall is wired to the light switch for the room
so i wanted to put up a plug in sconce.

then i started pricing them. good grief!
since that wasn't in the budget i found an inexpensive
candlelight sconce from lowes that i thought would be
perfect for the space.

only problem, not a plug in.

so, i did what any self respecting diy'er would do.

i adapted it.

all that was needed was a lamp cord set, some
wood screws and a cord mate.

all you do is take the two wires from the light,
that would normally be tied
into the wires from the wall box, and tie them
into the plug. the ground
wire can either be left alone or wrapped around
the screw on the mounting bar.

i picked up some wood screws because the screws
that came with the light
were not meant for wood. and because i was using
metal against wood i grabbed some washers.

the mounting bars would normally screw into the box in the wall or ceiling but
in this case i secured it directly to the wall.

and then i attached the fixture. easy peasy.

sorry, no styling photos around here! what you see is
what you get. :) who spots my nail gun waiting patiently for step 84 of boy room reno?

i have since gone back and put the cord mate on so the
cord is nice and tucked in behind a strip that adheres to the wall.
i spray painted it orb so that it will blend a little better. 

now, everyone keep your fingers crossed that bean doesn't
pull it off the wall!

~ stacy ~

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