Monday, May 2, 2011

naptime diaries

meet jesse.
she and her husband, nick, and
their three little ones
have become an active part
of our church plant.

they are with us for a season
and then, Lord willing, they plan
to go do the same in boston.
plant a church that is.

that is the language used
for beginning a church from scratch.
i once thought it strange but now i find
it appropriate.

everyone that tends a garden knows that
planting requires a great deal of
care, attention, watering, light, the right kind of soil,
the right kind of food,
pulling weeds so the plant doesn't get
choked out, patience, and so on.

that's how our plants grow.
and that's how the church (the people) grows.
we need to be fed and poured into.
we need a good foundation.
we need to be constantly pulling
"weeds" from our own life
that threaten to choke us spiritually.
we also need to be in community - doing
it all together. not just receiving encouragement
but offering encouragement.

jesse has a real desire to encourage.
to plant seeds of hope and truth into other
women and watch them grow.
just as she is growing and learning
and struggling and rejoicing herself.

it won't take you long to see that on her blog,
which you can find here.
 this week she is celebrating
women with a fun giveaway and i
thought i would let you know.

i threw in a couple of items for the giveaway. nothing
fancy - one of my chalkboard pots and a couple of
frames. they are leftover items from the stock
i had at the thomas company.
(i pulled that stock, btw, don't think i ever mentioned
that or changed the info here on the blog.
i'll get to that. soon, very soon.)
anyway, go check it out. you are sure to find
something you like.

i for one love the fabric necklace and may have
to drop a hint to pastor j about that one.

::on the quinby cottage project front::
the den planking is complete. on the next
bright sunny day i will get some pics.
i forgot how dark it is inside
during the summer with the
tree canopy around our house.
when it's cloudy outside you can forget about
taking any decent pictures. and let's face it,
my pics struggle enough as it is.

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