Thursday, May 26, 2011

bringing out the ducks and seeing yellow!

i've had these ducks for a while.
in our last house they sat perched atop our
large built-in's.

in this house they have been sanctioned to the hall closet with
some of the items i couldn't bare to part with when
i was "simplifying."

but now they are front and center on the mantel.
i also threw up a few books, some blue ball jars, and a colorful
little crafty candle stick holder.
craving more yellow in the house i spray painted
an old mirror that had been gathering dust in our shed.

it's similar in color to this dresser across the room which i love.
say yes to yellow!

back to the mantel.
it's pretty simple. . . i just gathered stuff from around the house.
but it feels fresh and it makes me smile.

once again, i apologize for the poor quality pics.
i wanted to show you the bottom, though, as it's getting a
face lift soon.
we recently took the fireplace insert out - it was brass that i had
spray painted black - so that i can do a whitewash
treatment on the brick.
'twill be interesting.
i'm a little nervous since you can't really go back to the brick
once that's done, ya know?

while i do my research on that i made use of the space.

we have lots of books floating around the house that need a place to
land. those built-ins i mentioned earlier? we don't have any in this house
so i am having to get creative with where our books are stored.
they are in nooks and crannies all over the house.

i also didn't want to pack away my candles so
i just brought them from the mantel to the  hearth
and threw up a few empty frames behind them.

i'm kinda diggin' it.

also, it's hot.

yes, it's may and that needle is pushing 100!

y'all stay cool this weekend and have a great
memorial day weekend!

i'm linking up with kevin and layla at the lettered cottage today!
go check it out cause there will be lot's of mantel inspiration.
and as usual, the lettered couple's mantel is amazing!


  1. That is a great mantel refresh! The yellow on the mirror looks great with that dresser. I have long admired that type of duck too. We have the brass fireplace insert, without a mantel. But I'm working on that.

  2. i love the stacked baskets!! And I just sold those two ducks that I've had for years in my last garage sale....I'm adoring how you have them displayed!

  3. had fun exploring some of your older posts & am your newest follower! nice!