Thursday, April 14, 2011

tweeting, planking, gardening and such

do you have a twitter account?
the whole twitter phemon has been a mystery to me.
i just didn't get it.
i wasn't terribly interested.
and then patricia heaton of everybody loves raymond fame
wrote this note on facebook about reeces rainbow, a ministry
that is dear to me. patricia heaton got wind
of reeces rainbow on her twitter feed. . .
then she read more about it. . .
she visited the blogs of families waiting to
bring their kids home. . .
and she got the word out.
through twitter.

and even though i keep up with reeces rainbow
through their website i got myself a twitter account
 so i could officially follow them, to help them reach their goal of 10,000

so now, i'm a tweaton. not sure if i will ever use it to actually tweet
or just to follow a handful of other folks but there it is.
i caved.
for a good cause. :)

::in other news::

the planking continues here at quinby cottage.

so does the master bedroom reno, which as i have said
before is moving at a snails pace.
the latest, some sheets turned curtains.

i grew some grass. wheat grass. i'm hooked and will
now do this every year for spring decor.

all it takes is the container of your choice,
some soil, and some wheat. i got about
$1 worth from the bin at our local health food
store. and the pail was from the dollar spot at target.

my hosta is coming in beautifully!

i'm working on a butterfly garden.

and tank continues to be the most mismatched dresser
in his preschool. he doesn't care. neither do i.

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  1. I love the planking and the grass!!! So springy! I've been away from the old blogosphere for ages, but I'm procrastinating grading compositions!!! Anyway, I need to come by and see the cottage once school's out. It's looking cute!