Tuesday, May 3, 2011

bringing up boys

“I rode my bike for 8 miles on the trail. And I flipped over the bars like this (demonstration) and hit a metal sign. I might be a legend.” – 8yo

“Mom? Whales. . . or trees. Which one?” - 4 yo

“mom. . . mom. . . mom. . . mom. . .mom. . .” – 6 yo

“mom! Why you toot? You not daddy! – 4 yo

“I’m full. Can I have dessert now?” – 8 yo

“I don’t want a turkey sandwich. I want a cookie. Five of them.” – 4 yo

“mom, take this.” – 6 yo

“what took so long for these shorts to get clean?” – 8 yo

“I did take a bath. . . I don’t know why there is still pizza sauce on my face.” – 8 yo

“mom? Rain or. . . trucks. Which one? – 4 yo


“I don’t like flowers. I like guns and basketball.” – 4 yo

“mom, i like to burp. You like to burp?” – 4 yo

“mom, my reading level is 5.8. what’s yours?” – 8 yo

“I didn’t pee on the toilet seat, he did it.” – 4, 6, 8 yo

“I don’t know how the bath water got on the bathroom ceiling.” – 4, 6, 8 yo

“I did not break the lamp, spinner did it. No, bean did it. Wait, no, dad did it. *sigh* okay, I did it.” – 4 yo

"hey mom, listen to this. i can burp and toot at the same time." - 8 yo


  1. haha!! i have a boy too and they are a whole different creature

  2. Sweet boys, I have 2. Welcome back, I missed your updates.

  3. This is soooo funny, and sound so familiar! I've got something in Jessi's giveaway too. nice to meet you ;)