Thursday, June 2, 2011

re-doing a re-do :: my chalk paint experience

i may be the last on the chalk paint bandwagon.
don't judge, it takes me a while to be convinced to try new things.
however, after seeing so many great projects and reading equally
great reviews i thought i would try it.

if you are one of the rare few that has not heard of chalk paint
 please don't be confused with chalkBOARD paint.
not the same.
chalk paint is a particular blend of matte paint
created and patented by annie sloan.
i bought mine here.

i'll tell you what i think about it in a moment but first i'll
show you what i did.

last year i purchased a basic broyhill nightstand in
a cherry finish for $10 at a yard sale.

 here it is after a coat of a mossy green/gray mistint
from home depot.

after we moved last september and i started
re-doing our master i knew this would eventually
get a new look but wasn't sure what it would be.

i had no plans to paint this week but avoiding larger projects
will get me to finish up all sorts of smaller projects! so
on wednesday i unexpectedly found myself painting her with some chalk paint.

her she is now.

i'm really liking it! so much more interesting to me
than the last look.

here's my two cents on chalk paint for what it's worth.

1. love the way it goes on. super easy to work with.
2. the fact that primer and sanding are not required is amazing. it is almost
like a primer as it dries to a very matte finish.
3. it dries quickly - 20 minutes or so.
4.  it sands easily, coming off almost like. . . well, chalk.
5. no odor!
6. the biggest con for me is the price.
7. and tied into that is it's availability. unless you live near
one of the providers it must be mail ordered. and shipping paint ain't cheap.
8. the color options are limited. but i do like what they have and if
you are adventurous you can mix your own colors.

on my piece i used "duck egg" all over then
went over the drawer fronts with "old white."
after rubbing it up with a mid grain sanding block
i used a clear wax as a protective coat. i then
mixed a little dark walnut wax into some clear wax
to age it a bit and add some depth, then put a final coat on.

i'm linking up to miss mustard seed and funky junk interiors. go on over and get some
furniture inspiration!


  1. You did a great job. I redo redos all the time. I like the colors and the distressing.

  2. What a lovely night stand. I love the color combination you chose. I am so glad to hear your view on chalk paint too. Hearing so much about it lately. Great post.

  3. You are certainly not the last. I haven't jumped on the bandwagon as of yet. I made a call to a distributor to inquire about it but they were closed and I never followed through. But everytime I see another awesome project like yours I get smitten all over again. Nice makeover.

  4. So pretty! Thank you for posting your technique.

  5. I love the colors and distressing you did. Loving how chalk paint looks~ your little stand is darling!Would love for you to come share this at Feathered Nest Friday sometime :)