Friday, February 11, 2011

bedroom update (don't get too excited) and some eye candy

as promised i have a master bedroom update for you.
what i didn't tell you is there's not much to
report. :)

sorry, didn't mean to tease you like
that. i do have a little eye candy for you
from some of my favorite
antique spots in asheville.

pastor j and i spent last weekend there compliments
of my parents. i know. awesome, right?

but first. . . our master.
the busyness of life stalled things after i painted
three of the walls. BUT i have done this. . .

collected all my planks! that's something right? they are only 1/4 in. thick
which i am happy about because hopefully that means i won't
have to take down the existing crown molding and baseboard.
fingers crossed.

i also got rid of the awful 1980's skinny blinds and put up
some dark bamboo roman shades. still looking for the
right fabric for panels.

my loose plan for the weekend is to begin putting up the planks.
i'll let you know how that goes!

okay, on to the fun stuff.

tobacco baskets

i loved the clock above!
wonder if i can recreate it??

and, oh, if i had the money i
would have stocked up on these
baskets for the boys'
suite makeover!


old french shoe forms. these would look great hung on a wall
in a grouping!

love, love, love this empire chest! the color, the amount
of distressing, the curves. beautiful!

transit letters
chippy furniture

i exercised great self control and
walked away with only one item.
this rusty, pale yellow, rectangular basket.

a girl can never have too many rusty wire

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