Monday, February 28, 2011

plank er up!

last friday was planking day.
all those planks that have been hanging
out in our bedroom have made 
their way home.

i am loving the results.
big time.
i am now happy to report that there are NO MORE
fleshy, pinky, underbelly-of-a-pig colored
walls in our home. 

because it was a rainy morning (though you wouldn't
know it from the alien like light coming
in through the door and window!) we had to set up 
shop inside.

my dad was uber helpful and having him there gave me the
confidence i'll need to finish walls in two other rooms with the same treatment.

i finally got to break out my christmas present, a nail gun, and put
it to work. it was so easy and made all the difference in
how quickly we moved through getting the planks up.

after we  finished up the wall in the bedroom, and my parents left, i looked
at the clock and determined to make use of the time i had 
before the kids came home. 
and, i was on a roll.

so, i got started on our den.

this picture isn't all that clear but you can see where i started
to the right of the window. that exterior wall be planked
and then the window will get some drop cloth curtains.

so, a productive day on friday. 
which was a good thing.
because on saturday?
this happened:

our hot water heater died. and had apparently had a slow death
without our realizing. 

(this is after everything was  removed, including some of the flooring)

the closet where it's located (also our coat and "other storage" closet)
was flooded and mold had already started to form.

that was saturday morning.

tonight my house looks like this

and this

because we haven't had water since saturday at 9am.

the plumbers just left and will be back in the morning to finish installing our new
water heater, which is being re-routed so it can be OUTSIDE of the house! 

the good news is i will have more closet space!

so, to sum up:
1. bedroom wall is planked. hooray!
2. i can now move to the next phase of our master makeover. hooray!
3. planking has begun in our den and i will totally be able to finish
it on my own. hooray!
4. hot water heater. dead. boo.
5. floors in closet. ruined. boo.
6. water has been turned off since saturday and my boys
have become a little too comfortable using the backyard
as their outhouse. boo.
7. new hot water heater: bigger and more efficient and outside. hooray!
8. got rid of the nappy carpet that was in the closet. hooray!
9. opportunity to do something creative (and cheap) with the
floor in there. hooray!
10. opportunity to turn the closet into something
more functional, like a mini built in office. or a storage area
with great function and design. hooray!

so, while unexpected and a bit inconvenient, not horrible.


  1. Hooray-7, boo-3. You win! :-] Dori

  2. What material did you use to plank the walls? Getting ready to start my own master bedroom.
    Can't wait to see it all finished.
    Love everything you have done so far!!