Wednesday, February 16, 2011

one thing leads to another

you know the old story about putting a rose in
a room? then you clean the table on which it is perched.
then you open the drapes. then you pick up the clutter and vacuum
and on and on until you have an 
easy on the eyes room.

make one small pretty change and it leads to more.

that happened to me this week.
and it started with painting my door red.

that led to completely rearranging the furniture
in our living room. which meant moving furniture out 
and into our bedroom. which meant moving furniture out
of our bedroom and into our den (pictured above).
which led to painting the moved furniture since
it had a new home. i'll show you that later.

it also led to finally hanging the big distressed mirror that 
i have hauled through three moves (always writing into the contract
that my mirror does not convey).

in our small space it adds a big punch, throwing light
and reflections around the room. i love it.

hanging the mirror also led me to do something on the opposite wall,
which to this point had yet to be treated. but having that wall in 
the mirror's reflection pushed me to get 
something up there. 

so i dug around in our shed (grabbing the empty frames)
and the storage closet and threw this 
up there. kind of haphazard but it works for now.

there was a mahogany secretary desk here but it got the
boot because it was just too chunky for this space.
my grandmother's old drop leaf table is now perched here. 
it's just the right depth allowing us to move the sofa and 
have a walkway between the back of the sofa and the wall.

see the wall to the right of the black door? that's where the 
drop leaf table was but we could never open the 
back door all the way. and my three little guys would
inevitably slam that table every time they swung the door open.
now the door opens all the way!
but now i need to do something with that wall.
don't like the picture there. 
with summer coming i anticipate lots of in and out over in that
corner so i may throw some kind of treatment on that wall
and put up some hooks.

and it all started with the red door.

now, back to my planned projects!

does this ever happen to you? please tell me i'm not the only one. :)


  1. Everything looks great, I love all of your changes!

  2. LOVE IT! It's just gorgeous - love the atmosphere....wish there were some things I could do around here - but that's not the season we're in right now! :( Does this ever happen to me?? Uhm...well, only when I'm cleaning...then I notice other things that need to be cleaned...sorta thing. I know...not the same! :)

  3. I always love what you do! It's so exciting when I see that you've been busy and posted something. I used to rearrange furnishing all the time, but now that I work full time I tend to leave well enough alone. However, you are always an inspiration!! Keep it up!!

  4. HA! I love this post, it is the story of my life! And sometimes, the story that should be replayed when I get in a rut... love your creativity!

  5. I kinda feel like I just read a new version of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie! Love how you opened up your space by moving the couch away from the table.