Tuesday, March 20, 2012

spring simplicity

spring has definitely sprung around south carolina.

in my house that means a couple things.

1. we are all taking claritin.


2. the mantel gets tweaked again.

in keeping with my quest for simplicity around here
the mantel was really scaled back this year.

here's what she looked like last spring, just to give you a comparison.

you can check out more of it here. if you do,
you'll notice we have also painted the brick
surround and removed the big black door insert since
last spring.

this year, i moved some of my favorite prints (from here) from our den
 and placed them over the fireplace.

the branches are from a dogwood tree in our backyard.

aaand, that's pretty much it! boring?


not to me. not this year. i'm loving
the minimal feel of it. maybe it's the chaos that
swallows the rest of our little house that is 
causing me crave clear spaces right now.

i also removed the screen and all our firepoking tools and
 gave the interior of the fireplace a fresh coat
 of heat proof black paint.

for the summer a fern has replaced the fire grate.
also, those aren't specks on the black paint. i just need to sweep! :)

if you are looking for spring mantel inspiration go check out Layla's
mantel at the lettered cottage, where inspiration abounds, and all
the folks linking up today in honor of the first day of spring!

~ stacy ~


  1. Those prints are so cute! I love that they are the focal point and you just let them speak for themselves. No need to add things to compete with them. I love moving things that have lived in one spot for so long for a fresh feel. And it's free!
    Stopping by from The Lettered Cottage's Link Up.

  2. Love the simple fresh clean look!