Friday, March 30, 2012

this week in pictures

when i got my iphone at the end of last
year one of the first apps i got was instagram.

it's become my favorite way to take pictures. i rarely pick
up my camera anymore.

i thought i would join in with jeannett for instagram friday.

it's been a beautiful week here in SC so we spent a lot of
time outside.

my ferns are out and already the birds have started making them their home.
this is my tension every summer. save my ferns or let the birds build.

a different kind of summer color.

family devotions on the porch.

luke used the magna doodle to capture spring.

my parent's, who are horse owners, bought a pony for the boys.
we named him pancake.
he lasted 4 days and has been  returned to NC. pancake was
a little too rambunctious. he sure was cute, though.

every day for half an hour.
school pick up line.

speaking of which it's time to take my place. and i anticipate some
excited boys, spring break has officially begun!

hApPy weekend!!

~ stacy ~


  1. Instagram is SO addicting! I love it!

  2. Is everything okay? You've been away so LONG!! I miss you. :(