Saturday, October 1, 2011

project updates: whitewash and boy rooms!

i did it.

i made a decision on the brick fireplace treatment.
it's not done yet but i have had a few people ask to see what i'd done so far,
so here ya go.

i used a 50/50 ratio of primer to water, grabbed a brush
and started applying.

the whitewash is on. it took about 1.5 hours and dried super

next step is to take a wire brush to it to rough it up just a bit and
expose a little more of the brick.

we love it! even without the roughing up.
pastor j has been wanting me to paint
it for a while so he is especially pleased with it which
makes me happy.

we also have a few things going on upstairs in the boys'
quarters. it involved this. . .

and some of this. . . 

and now we are here. . .

this is luke's corner. he styled the shelves himself. :)
next week beadboard will go up on the side walls, beneath
the pitched ceiling.

wil's corner is gonna be sweet, too.
and timmy? he's getting a splash of green in his room!

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  1. The brick whitewash looks good. Tell Spinner (or is he Tank?) that the bookshelf design is spot on! Thank you for posting house stuff again. I've been needing inspiration and motivation.