Wednesday, October 12, 2011

life and a yard sale

mornings are always a bit hectic around here.
school drop off is 7.00am.
we walk out of the door at 6.55am.

at 6.45am the hall bathroom looked something
like this.

the toilet lid was closed prior to the snapping of
this picture in order to protect your eyeballs.


while waiting on the plumber i got busy with sorting items for
our yard sale this saturday.

need some china? linens? vintage aprons?

home accessories? come on out. we'll have furniture
and lamps, too.

and ironstone. it's killing me but i'm thinning my collection
in order to maintain my simple living commitment.

if you're local holler and i'll give you directions.

~ stacy ~

1 comment:

  1. Oh my g...just getting caught up on your blog. Anything you want to sell that did not at the sale? I feel like a skype date is needed with chi tea in hand in SC and FL to go over what I can steal from you and the next time you are down...I might have a few things to pass off to you! Maybe even a couple you can re-do and sell for yourself!