Friday, October 14, 2011

homemade laundry detergent

laundry detergent is expensive.
have you noticed? of course you have.
even with coupons and sales and combining the two.

no, that's not grated cheese

so, i made my own.
there are all sorts of homemade recipes out there
for liquid and powder detergents.

here's what i used:

2 cups borax ($3/box)
2 cups arm & hammer super washing soda ($3/box)
1 bar fels-naptha soap (less than a buck/bar)

mix the two powders and "grate" the soap. stir it all up
good then throw itin your food processor and mix until
the soad is so fine you just see pretty yellow specs
throughout the powder.

pour it into a suitable container, i used a glass
canister that has been sitting empty.

then make a pretty label and enjoy.

i use 1 tablespoon per load.
with three smelly/dirty little boys and one big
boy that runs and cycles and sweats like no one
i've ever met i knew this stuff was going to have to work hard.
after 3 weeks i am very pleased. everything is
clean and smell super fresh.

i doubled the recipe so i'd be set for a while and there is plenty
left in both boxes of powder for another batch!

happy laundering!


  1. cool! As an added bonus seems this recipe isn't using any fossil-fuel-related products. Most "regular" liquid laundry detergents use a lot of petro products. Where do you get that kind of fels-naptha soap?