Wednesday, December 1, 2010

spreading the word

For those of us that love all things house and home, and work hard
to make our own homes our dream home in which to raise
and enjoy our family. . . this is unimaginable.

This couple purchased their dream home only to find out
it was a meth house. They are now stuck with the

If you have a minute go read their story.
If you want to start from the beginning start on this page and begin at the bottom
with the first post and work your way to the present.

The story has been picked up by  their local papers and most
recently CNN. Hopefully as word spreads
they will receive the help they need.

I really feel for them. They only want to do what so many of
us are doing, decorating their home for the holiday's while entertaining
family and friends in their home.

If you feel compelled, maybe you can help them spread the word!

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  1. This story is really sad. While I know its not the same as meth, it reminds me of those new homes with the toxic insulation put in them. Marin has a little friend in her preschool class who's family is living in an apartment in town because their home was so toxic it was making them all sick. The little guy in her class will most likely have asthma forever because of it. they have similar choices, pay tons of money to have it pulled out and the whole house cleaned, try to sell a toxic house, or stop paying the mortgage and get foreclosed. Like the meth seller, the builder of this home knew that the insulation was toxic and had a few law suits in place but obviously did not share this information with the buyer. people are jerks