Monday, December 6, 2010

i'm no seamstress. . .

if there were any skill i could achieve with a snap of the
fingers - no lessons, trial and error, time to perfect, etc - it would be sewing.

or photography.

no. sewing would be first.

oh if i could sew! i would make
new pillow covers for every season, curtains to soften
up all my rooms out of great fabric, and flirty a-line skirts.

but. i can't.
i can barely sew a button on my boys' shirts.

i wanted some light, airy curtains for my evolving kitchen
 but have yet to come across any i like
or could afford so i decided to take the
stitch witchery plunge.

i'm sure i am the last person on earth to hear of this stuff
but now i'm sold!
in addition to stitch witchery all i needed was my fabric, a
damp cloth and a hot iron.

please overlook the poor lighting and photography (remember that is
second on my list of desired skills) to my
new light, airy curtains.

i picked up just enough muslin in a light brown for the bottom and ivory,
with specs of brown making it look almost like a grain
sack, for the top.

after following the instructions on the package this
is my finished product. they are just what i wanted.

i didn't "hem" the bottom because i liked the
unfinished look. it works well with the feel of the kitchen.

i'm pretty pleased with them and think they really
soften up and balance all the straight edges of the open shelving
 and the harshness of the aluminum brackets.

they aren't perfect but they are exactly what
i was looking for.


  1. That stitch witchery is amazing stuff. I have hemmed pants, made curtains and even made a pillow with it. Your curtains look great.

  2. You are incredible! The curtains look great! Are they muslin or something called osnaberg, which is a tanish, coarsely woven cotton fabric--finer than burlap, but more homespun looking than broadcloth or muslin?

    Incidentally, photography is my #1, since I can already sew just about anything (except bras--trust me, I tried).

  3. hmmm, they are muslin, nora. but i like the sound of this osnaberg stuff. sounds like what i was wanting. this was the right price which is why i got it, didn't necessarily go looking for muslin. next time i will consult you first!

  4. Oops, I misspelled it. It's Osnaburg. At any rate, the curtains, shelves, and everything looks great! You are quite talented, Stacy!! Regards to Pastor J and "the boys."