Thursday, December 2, 2010

one little vignette

i didn't do a ton of decorating this year. and what i did was
kept relatively simple.

like this vignette.

the twig wreath is actually two. an 18 in. and a 12 in.
i just tied them together for added bulk and
a little more depth. both of these i already had on hand.

the NOEL banner i made last year.
burlap, acrylic paint, stencil and jute.

the candle holder is a duplicat of the one on my mantle, also distressed
and rubbed down with walnut stain.

the red lanterns are from ikea, one is sitting in a silver bowl which rests
on a white cake stand. the white candles have
the same treatment as the candles on my mantel, burlap and jute.

and that's it.
tres simple.

i'm a sucker for slate blue and red together so i am
digging that my lamps and lanterns
get to mingle together this month.

i'm linking up to another holiday party today; it's all about vignette's.
rhoda at southern hospitality is hosting. go pay
a visit!

1 comment:

  1. Very nice, I like your red lanterns and your banner.