Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Thomas Company

Today, I gathered a few of my wares and headed to Ridgeway, a quaint, historic town just outside of Columbia. I have been to Ridgeway many times. For dinner, to wander through some antique stores, and to go to The Thomas Company and Laura's Tea Room.

The Thomas Company is the name of the business that originally occupied this space (an old mercantile) and the current business has maintained not only the name, but the integrity of the space. There are many original pieces, such as the desk below, on display in the store. They also have the original cash register on loan from the Thomas family. Love the patina on this desk! The display shelves, floors, columns, ceilings have all been restored. It is a beautiful building!

the first floor occupies a very large gift shop and coffee shop while the upper floor is home to Laura's Tea Room. Laura was a member of the Thomas family and once served as mayor to the town of Ridgeway. I love how the owner's, Carol and Eleanor, have weaved the history of this building into their business.

The store is home to a variety of merchandise and ware's of local crafters.

Don't you just love these carts being used to display tea towels? I'd like to have one of those in my house!

Mmmm, locally made jams and syrups.

And again, the display piece. love!

I love this old piece once used to sort screws and bolts and such. . . and there are old crates everywhere!

There is also a corner of the Thomas Company dedicated to serving coffee and biscotti and other yummy eats. The coffee is also locally brewed.

And then there's the tea room.

So pretty. And if you want to play it up, pick up a hat on the way to your table

and drink your tea in style.

Back to my point. I gathered some of my wares and drove to The Thomas Company. I thought, maybe, just maybe they would be interested in carrying some of my item's. It's worth asking, right?

I gave my little speech and was invited to unload some of my items onto their beautiful counters for their perusal. To my delight they loved it all and asked for more. Phew!

Because I only brought a sampling of things my mother carried more out for me later in the day. The manager was already getting my display set up and someone bought a chalkboard while my mother was there, which was super encouraging!

So, I am pleased to announce that Green Seed items can now be found at the The Thomas Company. If you are local you should pay them a visit. Not because my stuff is there but because it is such a unique place and the tea experience is a great one!


  1. It is so funny this is on your blog! I love the Thomas Company! I actually used to work for the owner of this store when she owned the Candlelight Cottage, some of the best years of my life. Mrs. Carol is super sweet! That is awesome that you got some stuff in there!

    Reagan Mobley

  2. Oh, that's awesom Reagan. I wonder if you know my mom? Elaine McGee. She lives in Blythewood and was in Candlelight Cottage a good bit. She got me hooked on the locally made candles Carol sold. Wish she still had those!