Sunday, July 18, 2010

closet space or lack thereof

with downsizing on the horizon i have been purging over the last many weeks. i am specifically thinking about ways to maximize closet space as we will be loosing this most treasured space when we move. whenever that may be. so i hit up one of my favorite spots,, for some inspiration.

and, um, i didn't find a whole lot that would be practical for us but there sure are some pretty closets out there.

who knew a closet could be so un-closety. so beautiful.

Pacific Heights Residence traditional closet

custom closet traditional closet

This is just plain pretty.

The Container Store > Walnut & Platinum elfa d├ęcor Walk-In Closet contemporary closet

hmmm, our space is going to be soooo much smaller. i might have to resort to this if i don't come up with a plan. . .

Nina van de Goors Home eclectic closet

or this. i do like bringing the outdoors in.

branch clothing rack eclectic closet

i've always been a sucker for a wardrobe.

Nob Hill residence contemporary closet

and this, love seeing furniture used in unique ways.

Bedroom Ideas eclectic closet

hold the phone. . .  great day in the morning i love this closet! the floors, the doors, the chandy. i would have my morning coffee in this closet if it were mine, it's so soothing.

Vintage Closet traditional closet

okay, wait, here's one i can work with. great use of space for a kids room.

Bedroom Closet traditional closet

i think i need to keep purging. the great thing about downsizing is that it forces you to simplify and get creative. i'm looking forward to the challenge!

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