Monday, July 5, 2010

and we're off. . .

crafty feast has come and gone and now i sit here with a sunburned back, a disastrous garage (aka, my workshop), a neglected home - and slightly neglected family - along with affirmation that his is what I want to pursue. "this" being green seed creations. 

i honestly don't know where this little business of mine will go or even where i want it to go. people have asked me what my goals are for gsc. ummm, really, i have no goals apart from creating and recreating pieces people like and want to incorporate into their own homes.

i sold some stuff yesterday, had a handful of people interested in some custom orders, and there is a store or two in town that may be selling some of my items. as long as people want what i'm doing i'll keep going and see where it leads me. if it turns out that no one is interested in my stuff then i'll turn in my business lisence and go back to what i was doing before, obsessing over my own home.

i'm really not doing anything all that original. i'm taking stuff that i find in thrift and antique stores, salvaged wood, dated furniture, etc. and giving it a fresh look. i'm also making some "new material" creations and giving them an aged look. i've seen all sorts of stuff around the blogosphere that has inspired me - wish i had bookmarked some of those pages so i could give proper credit but you know how it is, one link leads to another, to another, to another until i can't remember where i have even been or how to get back! i'll start paying closer attention to those things! :) and i get lot's of inspiration from mainline stores like pottery barn or ballard design or anthropology. their prices inspire me, too! inspire me to create pieces with as much or more interest for waaayyy less. it can be done!

so, i guess if i had to state a goal it would be to make nice, quality stuff, that is affordable and will add interest and warmth to the home's of my buyer's.

this blog is in the works. so is my website, so keep checking in and watch me grow! the blog, by the way, will be where i show some of what i'm doing, share some of my tips with you so you can create your own stuff, and keep you updated on what's available in the "shop" (as it all depends on what fun stuff i find and is ever changing) and what shows i have on the calender. the website will be more informational and will not include regular chatter. :)

i have been writing about some of my home decor'ing over on blessed chaos, our family blog, but will return that to my family where i will record the antics, blessings, and chaos of daily life with my three (4) boys. i can't promise the two won't overlap but i'm going to do my best to keep them somewhat seperate for those who have no interest in one or the other. :)

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