Sunday, March 6, 2011

the inbetween-projects project

i have diy a.d.d
there is a little bit of something
going on in every room of our house.
almost done projects,
barely started projects,
projects needing professional attn.,
projects that need tweaking.

so why not add another project?

i put out an all call for bricks on facebook
and was given enough to start an
outdoor project.

we have this triangle of yard between our one car drive
and the walk to the front door
that is basically dirt.
it gets stepped on when getting out of the car and
9 times out of 10 the left car tires are on it
because the right side of the drive is so close to
a row of shrubs.
it also gets cut across with bikes and skateboards
and six little boy feet running from the side of the
 house to the front and back again.

so. . . i have a plan for this area. the portion that gets most of
the foot traffic is going to be bricked and the rest will
be decked out with some sort of ground cover.

i haven't a clue what i'm doing.
i'm just fitting the bricks in best i can and
filling the spaces with dirt.

if i have my way the cracks will be
covered in green moss.

can you believe that people try to get
rid of moss between their brick paths?!

this is going to be a slow project and will fall
in line with the rest of my house.

as the funds are available another portion will
be complete.

like so many of the rooms in our home i love
that this little bricked section of our yard
will have a back story.

these bricks came from our friends, matt and julia's,
yard. they had a few random piles laying around
from the previous owners' project's
they're all a bit different which adds to the
mish mash look i want.

what are you planning for your outdoor spaces?


  1. DIY A.D.D.? I think it is A.D.H.D! Looks like a fun project. Hopeful about the moss--may have to resort to artificial with all those little boy feet smushing it.

  2. planning? hahahahaha!!! we live in the woods... that's always been my plan. :-] Looks great Stacy! Dori

  3. I think if you take some moss, put it in a blender with active yogurt and then smear the mess on the spots between the bricks then moss will grow there. At least I think that's when Mary Lou told me....

    My outdoor projects include trying once again to grow hollyhocks and Queen Anne's Lace, making a rustic looking potting bench for my little back patio, and finding two affordable Adirondack chairs. One can always dream....